Our Gelato

Our award winning gelato is artisan product made using only the finest and purest ingredients such as vanilla pods, pure cacao and real pistachios with cream and milk from the local dairy.

Franco and Domenico are masters in gelato making, they oversee all production to ensure all Ciccarelli gelato meets their high standards of quality and taste.

The authenticity of Ciccarelli gelato is very important to us, it is made as it was originally intended - fresh on demand on the premises and never frozen, ensuring a soft and creamy texture.



What's the difference between Gelato and ice cream?

  1. Gelato has under 10% fat, much less than ice cream.
  2. Gelato is never frozen, it always has a softer texture, with a rich creamy taste that can carry intense flavours. We make ours daily on the premises ready to be displayed in our chiller cabinet.

History of Gelato


The history of gelato dates from frozen desserts made from snow and ice brought down from mountaintops, notably served during banquets at the Medici court in Florence, Italy.


The Florentine architect Bernardo Buontalenti is said to have invented modern gelato for Grand Duke Cosimo I de’ Medici, presenting his recipe to Catherine de’ Medici who then brought the novelty to Paris.


An Italian chef from Sicily, Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli invents a gelato machine and opens the first Café in Paris (Café Procope) serving gelato to intellectual Parisians.


The gelato cone was patented by Vittorio Marchionni.


Otello Cattabriga, mechanic from Bologna, patents the first automatic machine for gelato, the Motogelatiera.


Bruno Carpigiani produced and patented a gelato machine, named "Autogelatiera".

These machines make a fluffy, whippy gelato due to their clever whipping action, mixing air and gelato, during the gelato making process.


Refined over 20 years the Carpigiani L40 machine was made available for sale.


Our Carpigiani L40 is still going strong making classic artigianale gelato as it has always been made.

Of course, who wouldn’t be tempted to try our delicious, award winning, home made Italian ice-cream?

Available in a range of cones, tubs, oysters and wafers, or you could try a more lavish Ice Cream Sundae, our menu brings a proper Ice Cream parlour to the North East coast!

If you haven’t tried it yet, treat yourself to a Ciccarelli gelato and we’re sure it will be love at first lick!