Our Story

From her arrival in England in 1959, Elena Ciccarelli, made her living from making gelato.

This progressed from the gelateria to starting her own business with her husband Donato Gregorio in 1966.

In the years to come the family grew considerably with the arrival of 5 sons in just over 5 years (2 sets of twins and Elena still had time to make ice-lollies!).


The boys all worked in the family business from a young age.

From the humble beginnings of their first ice cream van, the family have worked extremely hard to grow the business to a level their father would be so very proud of.

They now own a fleet of over twenty ice cream vans and in 2001 opened Ciccarelli Gelateria, situated on the picturesque South Beach, Blyth.

Tragically Donato was no longer with them to see this milestone in the history of the business, the boys have continued to work together, striving to achieve the success in the industry that their father would have wanted for them.

Due to growing demand they began selling Ciccarelli gelato wholesale in 2011, after spending time perfecting the recipes to ensure the same high standards of gelato found in the flagship gelateria was created for the wholesale gelato.


“It was, and always will be a family business. We know how lucky we are to have three generations of our family working together, doing a job we love!”

Elena Ciccarelli is still an integral part of the business.

After 54 years in the industry, she can still be found most days working in the busy gelateria making sure they maintain the highest standards of quality and service.